prof. dr. Arjan Blokland

About prof. dr. Arjan Blokland

Arjan Blokland worked as a police officer with the Rotterdam-Rijnmond police force until 1996. He studied Criminal Law and Social Psychology at the University of Utrecht. In 2005 he received his PhD (with honours) from Leiden University for a dissertation on the criminal careers of a cohort of offenders convicted in 1977.

Since 2005 he is a (senior)researcher at the Netherlands Institute for the Study of Crime and Law Enforcement (NSCR). In 2006 he was awarded a VENI-grant for his work on the development of criminal behaviour over the life course. In 2010 he also received an Investment Subsidy NWO Medium. As of September 2010, he holds a chair as professor in Criminology and Criminal Justice at the Law Faculty of Leiden University. His research focuses on developmental and life course criminology, (juvenile) sexoffenders and the effects of criminal justice interventions.

Arjan is a member of the Life-course Cluster, the Intergenerational Cluster and the Sanctions Cluster.

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