Lukas Norbutas MSc

About Lukas Norbutas MSc

Lukas Norbutas received his Master’s Degree in Sociology in June, 2015 at the University of Utrecht. For his Master’s thesis, he analysed structural patterns of a large online social network and their effect on economic prosperity on the macro scale. During his studies, he also worked as a research assistant in the Department of Sociology. In July, 2015 Lukas was awarded the NWO Talent Grant for the PhD project “Trust on the Dark Web”, supervised by Stijn Ruiter (NSCR/UU) and Rense Corten (UU). The project is jointly hosted at the NSCR and the Department of Sociology, Utrecht University. In this project, Lukas analyses network mechanisms that facilitate cooperation in illegal marketplaces on the Dark Web.

Lukas is a member of the Cybercrime Cluster.

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