About Sabine van Sleeuwen MSc

Sabine van Sleeuwen received her Research Master’s degree in Sociology in June 2016 at Utrecht University (cum laude). She wrote her master thesis using NSCR data on the influence of time of the day and day of the week on the likelihood that offenders return to previous crime locations. During her studies she worked as a research and teaching assistant at Utrecht University and as a junior researcher at the Netherlands Institute for Human Rights. Since September 2016, she works as a PhD student at the NSCR after she has been awarded the NWO Research Talent grant for her research proposal titled ‘It’s About Time. Time-Specific Offender Awareness Spaces and Their Impact on Criminal Decision-Making’. Her research focuses on the role of time in both the individual routine activity patterns of offenders and the attractiveness of potential targets for crime, and its influence on offenders’ crime location choices.

Sabine is a member of the Spatial-temporal Cluster.

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