About dr. Veroni Eichelsheim

Veroni Eichelsheim holds a degree in clinical psychology (Leiden University, 2005) and did a research internship at the NSCR (2004-2005). The 18th of March, 2011, she defended her thesis at Utrecht University entitled ‘The Complexity of Families. Assessing family relationships and their association with externalising problems’. She subsequently worked at the Netherlands Research and Documentation Centre of the Ministry of Security and Justice (WODC) where she was appointed on a research project focusing on the experiences of youths in juvenile corrections facilities. After that, she worked as an assistant professor at Leiden University (Criminology), where she taught a variety of courses on research methodology.

As from August 2013, she has been working as a researcher at the NSCR. She has an interest in patterns of intergenerational transmission, specifically in the complex interplay between family relationships, parenting behaviour, and antisocial behaviour across multiple generations. She is a supervisor of both bachelor-and master theses of VU criminology students.

Veroni is a member of the Intergenerational Cluster and the Extremism/Terrorism Cluster.

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