Grant to study violence and threats against law enforcement officers

NSCR researcher Marie Rosenkrantz Lindegaard receives a grant from the The Danish Working Environment Research Fund for the research project ‘Reduction of threats and violence through systematic analysis of conflict behavior among prison guards and fare conductors’. Focus will be on the role and behavior of the employees.

Research shows that law enforcement officers – including prison guards and fare conductors – report high prevalence of work related violence. However, there is a lack of knowledge about what types of citizen interactions pose risks to employees and what kinds of behaviors have de-escalating or escalating effects in conflict situations. This is what Lindegaard and colleagues will study.

Ambition to create conflict management tools

An important ambition of the study is to be able to contribute with knowledge that can turn into recommendations and conflict management tools. This can strengthen the preventive strategy with concrete examples of advisable/appropriate and non-advisable/inappropriate behavior among prison guards and fare conductors.

Focus on the role and behavior of employees in conflicts

The study will be based on analysis of body camera footage of conflicts in public transport, and CCTV camera footage of conflicts in prison. The project design is inspired by the research project ‘Violence, Bystanders, and … Action!’ that uses CCTV camera footage of street fights and robberies to study the role of bystanders in violent conflicts. In the new project, focus will be on the role and behavior of the employees in conflicts.

The project ‘Reduction of threats and violence through systematic analysis of conflict behavior among prison guards and fare conductors’ will be carried out with assistant professor Lasse Suonperä Liebst, postdoc Richard Philpot and research assistant Camilla Bank Friis from the Department of Sociology at the University of Copenhagen, the National Research Centre for the Working Environment, the Danish Prison and Probation Service, Traffic Company Movia and The Danish Crime Prevention Council.

dr. Marie Lindegaard

About dr. Marie Lindegaard

Marie Rosenkrantz Lindegaard is an anthropologist and researcher at the NSCR. Her work focuses on the social mechanisms behind violent acts and victimisation, cultural explanations for crime, and situational approaches to violence. She specialises in ethnographic methods with particular attention to observational methods including analysis of CCTV footage.

Marie is a member of the Criminal Events Cluster.

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Raad voor de Rechtspraak 2017.

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